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Karate Gi + Obi:
(Uniform + White Belt)


RM 70
Contact for Price  

Sparring/Bag Gloves:
Kids Fingerless PVC - S, M, L
Kids/Adult Fingerless PU - S, M, L
Leather - M, L, XL

RM 70
RM 115
RM 240 

Foot Protector:
PU(molded) per pair - S, M, L, XL

RM 110

Forearm Guard:
per pair - S, M, L

RM 35

Shin Guard:
per pair - S, M, L

RM 35

Shin Guard:
(with instep protection)

per pair - S, M, L

RM 45

Mouthguard: (Junior & Senior)

RM 15
RM 25

Focus Mitts:
(on request)

Contact for Price

Please Note:
Equipment stock will vary, especially when less expensive equipment with equivalent or greater quality than its predessor is able to be obtained. The above prices will always reflect the current stock and are liable to change.

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