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Swim with KORU sports academy!

We offer Swim Lessons for Children and Adults,
starting from 3 years of age.

For Children, KORU sports academy bases their Swim Instruction on the 'Child Centred Approach'. Children should not be pressurised or forced to perform, but guided and encouraged in a flexible time frame, to develop skills and accomplish goals at a rate they are comfortable with, in a fun, learning environment.
The child comes first!

Class Sizes are restricted in order to maximise attention for each individual.

Class Types
Class Instructor to Student Ratio
Low Ratio
*Conditions Apply


Lesson Duration is important, to ensure time enough to conduct the lesson at the individuals pace and allow for a fun, relaxed environment, yet not over extended so that interest and physical well being are compromised.

Lesson Duration (Gp of 3)
Age Duration
3-5 years
35-40 mins
6-10 years
40-45 mins
11 years +
45-50 mins
Swim Coaching Gp
50-60 mins


Location of any lesson is flexible, depending on whether you would like us to arrange coming to your pool or you would like to utilise the pools we have access to.

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KORU sports academy


KORU sports academy
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