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What is a KORU?

New Zealands' indigenous people, the 'Maori', refer to the unfurling new shoot of the New Zealand fern as a 'Koru' (pronounced Kaw-roo) (photograph-top right).  The shoot of the fern has a curled over tip which unfurls and becomes a new fern leaf.

The Koru is traditionallly represented as a scroll shape, an outwardly spiralling circle.  It is one of the important Maori symbols carved into wood structures adorning traditional Maori buildings or as statues, and carved from bone or greenstone (jade) to be worn as jewelry around the neck (photograph-middle right).  It can also be integrated into Maori face tattoo's refered to as 'Moku' (photograph-bottom right).

The Koru symbolises growth, strength, and hope for the future; it is seen as encouraging new positive beginnings, reaching toward the light, striving for perfection.  These are qualities and principles that are intergral to KORU sports academy!

"Aspire to Achieve"
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